We remove obstacles in public transportation - Malatya Municipality

We remove obstacles in public transportation - Malatya Municipality

In this context, our company, which provides service to the public, can install a ramp for our citizens with disabilities. Handicapped ramps that will operate with elevator logic will be operated manually by the driver.

People with disabilities who had to ride in a wheelchair had a hard time getting into the vehicles. For this reason, most people with disabilities did not even want to leave the house. Considering all these, our company has developed a system that will make our disabled citizens happy and get on the vehicles more comfortably. The remote control or manual system will be operated by the driver of the vehicle, allowing disabled citizens to get into the vehicle easily.

Our General Manager, who introduced the tool with which this system was first applied, stated that it is a conscientious responsibility to implement this system and used the following statements:

“This system cannot be installed on all vehicles. The type of vehicle is very important for the system. Only suitable for vehicles with high soles, that is, rides through stairs. Low-floor buses already have handicapped ramps. However, high-based vehicles do not have a ramp for the disabled. We have developed this system for these. When applying the system, it is necessary to choose according to the vehicle type. We will install the system on all our vehicles suitable for this system. It is decided that the system will be used manually or automatically depending on the vehicle structures. the problems of disabled citizens in public transportation in Turkey began to act to minimize precision and accuracy increased. We are also more sensitive on the buses we will buy. 50% of our vehicles are suitable for our disabled citizens to travel comfortably. By the end of the year, we plan to install this system on our 16-17 vehicles. We plan to make the rest of our high-based tools that are not suitable for disabled access available for disabled access in 2017. This system has become a legal obligation in vehicles with the law. Our responsibility, both conscientiously. In this sense, people with disabilities were complaining from time to time, and with the new system, I hope these problems will end somewhat. ”