DLP 7003

About Product

Single arm wheelchair lift can be used for buses and mini-buses. It is possible to mounting
lift from the side door or back door of the vehicle. Lifting- lowering and roll stop works automatically.
Platform folding automatically and it is swivel table. There is a hand pump on
the system for if there is any problem, you can lift the system with this hand pump. With
manuel discharge of check valve lift can be lowering easily. It has working lamp, working
alarm, emergency button and required check valves.


  • Lift TypeAutomatic Single Arm Wheelchair Lift
  • Lift Capacity350 kg
  • Power SourceBattery of Vehicle 12-volt or 24-volt DC
  • Power UnitHydraulic Powerpack
  • Chassis ProfilMounted on the floor of the vehicle
  • Platform TypeAluminum
  • Platform Size1.260 x 800mm
  • Paint TypeOven Static Paint
  • Lift Arm Length920mm
  • Max. Lifting700mm
  • Max. Lowering700 mm
  • Chassis Width320x650mm
  • Chassis Length920mm
  • Body Weight110kg
  • Cylinder1 Cylinder
  • Check Valve1